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Swimming for Triathletes

The Most Effective Way to Improve Technique 
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Swim Coaching for a smoother, faster swim - with less effort.

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Is the swim holding you back from really succeeding in a triathlon? From achieving your goals? Or even just attempting a triathlon?

You are not the only one!

Many people struggle, viewing the swim as a necessary evil they have to survive before the bike and run. Everyone can cycle and run but with swimming not everyone has the background that helps some lucky folks glide through the water gracefully and with ease.

If you don’t have a solid swimming foundation, you start each race at a disadvantage. Although the shortest discipline in terms of time, swimming is the biggest technical challenge and the most physically demanding. You have to swim without stopping, while dealing with the waves, the churn, swallowing water, struggling to breath, surrounded by your rivals kicking and elbowing past you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, it’s a challenge, but the main reason people struggle is they take the wrong approach to the swim. It doesn't have to be a chore, it doesn’t have to be a slog, and it doesn’t have to be a case of fighting for survival on race day.

Philosophy & system

We at Swimming for Triathletes have learned from coaches around the world, who have produced countless Olympic medalists, World Record holders and World Champions.

Taking the best elements from these programs, we have designed a plan that guarantees results. Increasing your swim speed doesn’t have to be a full time job, or a mindless slog up and down countless lengths of the pool. We have taken the best parts of provensuccessful coaching so you can enjoy the results quickly, and efficiently.

Swimming does not have to be a specialist niche a lucky few mastered at a young age. We are bringing it to the masses! You will be delighted at how quickly the results will come and how much more enjoyable swimming can be with the right approach.

Our risk-free program features challenging yet varied workouts, clear technique tips, and tips on the art and science of the sport, that will lead to vast improvements. Anyone can apply these principles and enjoy results.

With this Swimming for Triathlon program you will swim faster. You will swim smoother. You will swim with less effort. You will have more energy after the swim leg. You will even have fun!

Who this is for

Are you a non-swimmer struggling to put together a complete triathlon? Do you come from a cycling or running background and find it difficult to graduate to the next level because your swimming saps your energy and prevents you from performing at your best on the bike & run? 

Are you frustrated by a lack of swim progress? Do you want to partake in the joys of triathlon, putting together three strong legs over each of the disciplines?

The good news is that you don’t need years of specialist training. Now you too can master the swim.

10 reasons you should sign up now

1.       Improve your swimming – guaranteed!

2.       Better technique – look great in the pool AND open water

3.       Gain confidence in the water

4.       Triathlon-specific swim tips & workouts

5.       Value for money – proven results for a reasonable price

6.       Knock minutes off your times

7.       Finish the swim feeling fresh and ready to kill the bike & run!

8.       Achieve your multisport goals – no more being held back by the limitations of your swimming

9.       Change is as good as a rest – try something new today 

10.      Risk-free offer – sign up to improve your swimming or your money back!