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Coach Blake

  • 07年中国游泳锦标赛冠军,以及第21届山东省省运会冠军。曾入选国家二线运动队,健将级运动证书,上海体育学院体育教育系研究生毕业,持有高级游泳教练证书与救生员证书,游泳裁判员证书,上海市教师资格证。
  • 因全国性质的大赛获取第一名,并由国家体育总局认证公证,因此在通过美国移民局审查后由特殊技术移民渠道获而取绿卡。所有证书都有美国移民局认可。育学院体育教育系研究生毕业,持有高级游泳教练证书与救生员证书,游泳裁判员证书,上海市教师资格证。
  • 在上海曾带过上海市杨浦区游泳专业队3年,并有四个summer的初级游泳培训经验。
  • 在青岛万科蓝山游泳俱乐部担任过初级私人教练(两年),初级教学经验丰富。
  • 目前在Arcadia high school 的 Max游泳俱乐部担任游泳教练。

    • American Red Cross Certified

    • CPR, First Aid, and AED

    • USA Swimming Safety Training for Swim Coaches

    • USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training

    • USA Swimming Level II Background Check


Swimming coach and former professional athlete who coaches, guides and empowers each student to optimum athletic
and personal success.
Brings extensive personal experience and education in exercise science and sports education, as well as team building
and motivational techniques.


Sports medicine knowledge
Swimming instructor
Strength coaching
CPR and First Aid certified
Stretching expertise
Weight training
Fitness equipment expertise


Fuzhong Rd, Shibei District, Qingdao, 266000
July 2013 to February 2014
Qingdao Hills Fitness&Sports - Qingdao , Shandong
Swim instructor for entry-level children&adults, nutrition and fitness coach for children&adults, weight-training
200# Henren Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai,200082
September 2011 to June 2013
Shanghai Sports Team - Shanghai, Shanghai
Trained student-athletes,monitored the academic performance of student-athletes in addition to their athletic progress.


Bachelor of Science : Sports Training, 2011
Shanghai University of Sport - Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Top 5% class

First-Tier Academic Achievement Award