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Ava Li

Private Lesson Instructor

ava li
I have started swimming from a young age at about 7 with just regular swim classes at El Monte Aquatic center and the wsgv ymca. I joined the El Monte Sharks Aquatic club and began to learn how to swim competitively. As I entered high school, I joined the Gabrielino High School swim team and made va
rsity. I began my teaching career at the ymca at age 16 and slowly built up my knowledge of know-how’s to deal with children who were afraid, too hyper in the water, and those who naturally swam like a fish. As my experience increased, so did my ability to teach with discipline, structure, and professionalism. My classes moved from just teaching freestyle and water safety to children ages of 3 to 12 to teaching adults how to overcome fear of water, autistic children and adults, and mommy and me classes as well as teaching the four strokes to children. My reputation grew as a teacher that the parents began to desire and ask for private lessons for the children with me and I took that with me to start teaching as a freelance swim teacher. As a freelance swim instructor, I was able to do much more and produce results almost instantly in a month compared to teaching under the ymca.